Why Use Real Leather?

Genuine Leather


Dear Users, It is very important to know what are the advantages of a Real leather over Faux leather. Because some time faux leather is declared as a real leather to misguide the users. So below are several points showing advantages and differences of a real leather over faux leather.


Real leather raw material is gained from natural hides & skins during the husbandry of animals and no global warming is made whereas synthetic leather is made from petrochemicals (Petroleum raw material) which increases global warming of the world.


Real leather is 3 dimensions fiber structure having spaces within it’s fiber naturally so does perspire during usage as human skin perspire and transfers moisture from inside to outside. So, being Real leather it posses same properties even after tanning & dying. Where, as faux or synthetic leather is polymerized no spaces for moisture movement does not transfer body moisture from inside to outside. Hence, this moisture which body produces clotted inside and during winter at low temperature makes you feel cold instead of keeping warm.


Real leather has more tensile & tear strength almost double than faux leather. Real leather has more scar resistance (rubbing with some rough thing) than artificial leather.


Real leather can be washed, waxed, oil washed somehow but synthetic cannot be washed, wax or polish.


Real leather does not take fire so quickly whereas faux leather is highly flammable thing being petrochemicals nature. So, if a person is in emergency in fire the real leather may protect him more than synthetic leather comparatively More over oil wash real leather is very good fire retardant.

SPECIAL EFFECTS (Reversibility and Ironing)

The BK effect (crunch effect) or pull up effect on real leather is reversible means after usage it can be ironed easily with a soft cloth. The crunch goes off and will appear again during usage on real leather. But artificial leather cannot be ironed so BK crunch will not come or move during usage. Moreover, no pull up effect will be obtained on faux leather ever.


The Real Leather can be tanned with vegetable extracts as well so such leather will be Recycled and Bio-degradable. Hence, Real Leather is environmental friendly and helps to sustain the world. Where, as faux leather is non Bio-degradable & does not help to sustain the world.

Hence it is concluded that the Real Leather is far better than faux leather to wear or to use.

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