Leather Jacket User Guide

leather jacket user guide

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  • Remove surface dirt with a soft damp cloth
  • Place the jacket on a hanger and allow to dry at room temperature when it become wet
  • Avoid where possible exposure to heavy rain as this may result in loss of color
  • Ensure that the remove of heavy stains is entrusted to it Reputable Leather or Suede cleaner specialist


  • Use cleaning fluid, detergent, oils or abrasives on leather
  • Attempt to remove heavy stains with a cloth it may make them permanent
  • Dry your leather with direct heat
  • Iron your leather jacket with direct contact to garment
  • Store your leather in a plastic bag
  • Allow your garment to be exposed to strong light this may lead to variations in color

Bioleathers garment has been manufactured to the highest possible standard from selecting high grade skins. In order to get maximum satisfaction in wearing our garment please follow the care instructions mentioned above. In addition, our products are made from Genuine Leather, it is not always possible to eliminate surface scars and slight markings, even with the most advance methods of leather production. Hence, these characteristics are inherent in any natural product and are your guarantee of the real thing.